3000 Miles

Water evaporates to form Atlantic clouds which float 3000 miles over the worlds cleanest ocean to fall as rain on the mountains on the west coast of Ireland. The water percolates through the unspoilt ancient mountains to under ground aquifers.
The source of Fíor Uisce water is in Tourmakeady, Co. Mayo in the remote West of Ireland, an ancient land, steeped in legend and tradition, a place with a mystical respect for water - the source of life

Rock Filtered...

Fior Uisce is the only Irish water that is rock filtered for 1000 years through volcanic strata and limestone beds of Co. Mayo. During this time the water naturally infuses itself with a unique balance of minerals which gives the water functional properties.

Please explore the "Mineralogy" and "Benefits" sections to find out more about its unique properties.


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